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UNFURLED @ Gaggenau

10 June - 30 June

UNFURLED, by HAGENHINDERDAEL (Lisa Hinderdael and Sofia Hagen) @ Gaggenau

Working with paper as the raw material, UNFURLED is a feature installation taking over the shop window at Gaggenau London. Using a zero-waste methodology, we propose to integrate the installation across the existing structural framework and recycle old Gaggenau catalogues in an architectural gesture expanding across the shop window. Taking on both a 2d and 3d form, catalogues will either be stacked or folded as they transform into a 3d sculptural artwork. The experience will be strong in both day and night, and through its RE-USE and NON- OBSTRUCTIVE installation methodology, ensures we align with Gaggenau brand principles whilst activating the architectural space of the shop window.


UNFURLED is one of four winning installations from the second edition of Showroom Showcase, a design competition which sees a series of innovative paper installations by emerging architects and designers displayed in some of London’s leading design showrooms. You can hear Lisa and Sofia sharing about the story behind their design, alongside Simon Plumbridge from Gaggenau, by clicking on the event link!


Pairing product design with art, HagenHinderdael are an award-winning creative practice who work at the intersect of sustainable design and innovative technology to create sculptural products and immersive installations. Merging sustainable materials with traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology, they produce elements, feature installations, and placemaking schemes that push the boundaries of engineering whilst bearing the incentive of a continuous afterlife.

Gaggenau is a manufacturer of high-quality home appliances and acknowledged as an innovation leader in design and technology “Made in Germany.” Gaggenau is committed to the principle of sustainability and the responsible use of resources. A prime aspect for Gaggenau is the use of high quality materials that also ensure product longevity.



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