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Lateral Flow @ Siemens Home London

09 June - 30 June

Lateral Flow, by WallaceLiu (Jamie Wallace and Jee Liu) @ Siemens Home London

Watching the slow movement of water across thin strips of paper, waiting for red lines that will determine our fate. Since the invention of the litmus test by Spanish physician Arnaldus de Villa Nova in the 14th century, paper has been used in science and medicine, providing a simple and affordable mechanism to test the properties of a substance. We would like to play with our recent, collective experiences by exploring the tectonic and aesthetic properties of large format strips of quantitative test paper that slowly absorb a substance, making invisible qualities tangible and real, revealing pixelated memories through the way they change colour and texture.


Lateral Flow is one of four winning installations from the second edition of Showroom Showcase, a design competition which sees a series of innovative paper installations by emerging architects and designers displayed in some of London’s leading design showrooms. You can hear Jamie and Jee sharing about the story behind their design, alongside Paul Cerny from Seimans, by clicking on the event link!


WallaceLiu is a British-Chinese architecture and design firm with an expertise and interest in projects that involve adaptive re-use. At the heart of WallaceLiu’s work is a desire to make places where complex relationships between new and old are celebrated through space that is rich in layers, light, colour and texture. In 2020 WallaceLiu received a prestigious UK design award from the American Institute of Architects, in 2021 was selected by the Architecture Foundation for their book New Architects 4, and the Telegraph Luxury selected Jee Liu as one of the six best female designers working in the UK.Discover inspiration and expert advice for your new kitchen by visiting the SiemensLondon showroom, the home of studioLine

Discover inspiration and expert advice for your new kitchen by visiting the SiemensLondon showroom, the home of studioLine.



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Siemens Home London

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