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A Space for Us? Somers Town

28 June 2022

18:30 -20:00

A Space for us? Space is unequal - wealthier areas have more green space and are more likely to be conservation areas. In Somers Town, a deprived area, developments threaten to extinguish what little heritage is left: three locally listed buildings demolished to little outcry; a 28-storey tower block is built on a public park, not social housing but for luxury investment flats, billboards pronounce it ‘Made of King’s Cross’ though it sits squarely in what is Somers Town. And working class heritage does not get preserved: here unique 'Art in everyday life' Doultonware ceramics designed for the working classes ended up sold at auction houses; the railway heritage walls demolished.

What right do locals have in shaping their area?

Wealthier areas have more green space; more deprived areas have fewer. Somers Town has one of the highest pollution rates; a public park has been built on, green space is at a premium, where there is a 10 year difference in longevity. Yet this is historically an area of 'Garden Estates' whose social housing architects dreamt of fountains and inner courtyards - which still exist.
Is greening merely greenwashing? Can we have equitable access to green space?
An expert panel of architects, historians and local activists discuss: how equal is heritage?

To include: Richard Simpson (Historic England), Professor Esther Leslie, Slaney Devlin (Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum) discuss.

Followed by refreshments.

Unseen examples of Bayes work will be on display.



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Somers Town Museum - A Space for us

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Image: Diana Foster


People's Museum Somers Town

52 Phoenix Road
Somers Town


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