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Amanprit Arnold on ‘Act’


Amanprit Arnold is an experienced international built environment strategist and researcher with over 10 years’ experience. She currently works at the GLA as a Senior Infrastructure Policy Officer.


We’ve asked Amanprit Arnold, one of the LFA 2022 curation panellists, to share her views on our new theme #act.

There is no question that climate change is knocking on our door and is around the corner. To preserve a liveable climate, global emissions must halve by 2030 and reach ‘net-zero’ by 2050. Bold, fast, and wide-ranging action needs to be taken by governments and businesses as demonstrated by COP26. But the transition to a low-carbon world also requires the participation of citizens.

Whether it is a legal duty to act or individual action to reduce our carbon footprint, every one of us can help limit global warming and take care of our planet. By making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, we can be part of the solution and influence change.

But how do we ‘act’ to achieve our net zero targets? What can we all do? Can you change the way you travel and make your next car electric? Improve your home and consider switching to a low-carbon heating system such as a heat pump? And reduce, re-use and recycle your waste? Despite these considerations, we are still not acting fast enough.

Talk about your experiences and help to raise awareness of the need to act. Consider the wider impacts of your actions.

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