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This registration page is those wanting to organise LFA events or propose a theme. You don't need an account to participate in festival events. You can create an account on behalf of your organisation or as an individual if you're acting in a personal capacity

Once your account is approved you can then login using the email address and password you select to submit event details, submit a theme proposal or access a range of helpful inforrmation.

You many find it helpful to have a copy of these explanatory notes with you when completing this form.

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If you're creating an individual account, just use your name here. Otherwise use the name of the organisation you're representing.

If you run an LFA event this website would be listed next to your event. If you're an individual you can leave this blank or link to a personal website or social media page

If you're creating an individual account, you can select individual category

.jpg files only. Minimum size: 300px x 300px. Maximum File: Size 1Mb

It's useful for us to have a postal addrress so we can send things like our festival review.

This twitter field will be listed by your events. Let us know which twitter account you’d like us to use so there’s no confusion.

Contact Details

These details won't be made public but are for us to contact you. We will use the email address you provided above as the primary email address for this contact.

Our press team may need to refer a journalist to your organisation for more information. If there's someone specific they should contact please let us know here. Otherwise they'll contact the person named above


Our Patrons and Festival Club Members help support the festival. These partners receive enhanced publicity for their events. If you're keen to support the festival, please see

Profile Image

Often for media use if you run an event it’s helpful for us to have an image of your organisation. Perhaps a team photo, photo of your building, office, key project, etc. What do you want people to think of when they see your organisation? Have you got an image of that?
You will be able to upload an image to support your event separately. But this optional image is for wider promotional use. By uploading an image you assert that your photographer has granted you the rights for third parties to use the image to promote your organisation. Images must not contain text. Minimum size: 300px x 300px. Maximum File: Size 1Mb


Our Memorandum of Understanding sets out what we need from you and what we'll provide you in return. It's really important you read and agree to this document (click here). A copy is also available for you to download in the organisers portal once your account is approved.