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Urbanistas Expo

15 June 2022

18:30 -21:00

The UrbanistasLDN Expo are female-only events that empower fellow Urbanistas to take forward their work & ideas.

On our 10th year anniversary, UrbanistasLDN wants to organise an Expo event as part of the LFA.

We have invited three amazing women to exhibit their idea/project in a pitch style presentation and encourage participation from fellow Urbanistas, who will offer support and knowledge to collaborate/co-create the outcome.

First up we have Elettra Bordonaro from Light Follows Behaviour, then we will hear from Vanessa Murray from Mentoring Circle and last but not least, from our very own Giulia Robba from Farrells London.

The key aspect of a pitch is to ask the audience a question get their responses and participation, and create a debate. The audience will consist of built environment enthusiasts, ranging in experience and expertise, both from the public and private sector.

As a network, we are all about empowering members and creating opportunities for people to connect. We think and act together to get the project or idea off the ground and we participate, debate, and act together.

Urbanistas expo acts to encourage women to act!

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