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Somers Town Future Neighbourhoods 2030 – mapping exercise

25 June 2022

10:00 -16:00

Join us as we figure out what needs to happen in Somers Town neighbourhood so it becomes an exemplar sustainable community in London. A place where people thrive and want to remain. Where the air is clean, the streets are green and thriving with biodiversity, where people prefer to walk and cycle to move around their community, where neighbours care for one another, share things and skills and no one feels isolated.

Somers Town has received funding from the Mayor of London to become a more sustainable neighbourhood. Future Neighbourhoods 2030 aims to help residents, local businesses and organisations understand how climate change is affecting us, so we can work together on activities that are good for the environment, our pockets and our quality of life.

Join us to learn more about this initiative and share your views and ideas for a better future in Somers Town. There will be food and freebies.

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London Borough of Camden


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Image: Camden Council


Phoenix Road, Somers Town

Phoenix Road, Somers Town


Activity happening on Phoenix Road


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