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KONNTRA – Between Collage & Reality

09 June 2022

18:30 -20:30

Once Yona Friedman said: “An architect does not create a city, only an accumulation of objects. It is the inhabitant who ‘invents’ the city; an uninhabited city, even if new, is only a ‘ruin’.”

Recent pandemic has exposed so many things that need to change and the imperative to act is felt universally.

At the talk 'Between Collage & Reality', a young architecture and design studio KONNTRA will explore how architects make their actions felt through different approaches of understanding and articulating the space we live in. They will present their experience of working on some of their more challenging projects, from extra small space of a kiosk to the large complex of a public school.

The focus of the studio KONNTRA design is guided by the thought of what is public, which actions are taken towards the public, and how as architects they can improve the public space or act on all stages of design and implementation of the project. Sometimes even acting as initiator of a project.

The talk will be accompanied by the exhibitions of architectural collages highlighting projects of different scales and typologies, representing atmospheres by using collage compositions to express architecture concepts in their design.

Architecture and design studio KONNTRA ( was founded in 2018 by Erik Jurišević, Mirjana Lozanovska and Silvija Shaleva and working internationally in Slovenia, North Macedonia and Croatia.



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Image: Photo by KONNTRA.


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