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Engineering nature – the London Bridge Green Streets pilot

15 June 2022

12:30 -13:15

Southwark Council and Team London Bridge are working together to bring more greenery, better flood management and safer streets to the area of Snowsfields, Melior Place and Melior Street. They are acting to make the city more resilient to the effects of changing and unpredictable climate. The work is supported by funding from Thames Water to help reduce storm water going directly into the drain. Two brand new sustainable drainage schemes have been created, with beautiful raingardens being the visible representation of some complex drainage systems below ground.

The session will hear from Aecom and Conway drainage experts about how the system works and why this engineering solution was chosen to mimic natural run off. The engineering will be explained, and the challenges of delivering the work. Team London Bridge and Southwark Council will also discuss the multiple benefits being accrued from the scheme, and local feedback.



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