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01 June - 30 June

Quibdó is one of Colombia's largest afropolis, a city almost entirely populated and governed by people of African descent. Located on the edge of a large river and inside of an immense rainforest, Quibdó receives more rainfall than any other city on the planet. To protect against such extreme precipitation, and the scorching sunshine when it's not raining, people in the city have begun to wrap their homes in an inexpensive, self-adhesive aluminum foil surface containing asphalt. This silver, shimmering skin added onto the buildings, in a city in which simple, handmade wooden homes are still very common, creates the look of futurist architecture, almost as if the buildings were wearing spacesuits designed to survive the most extreme weather conditions.

This photography exhibition explores Quibdó and these afro-futurist architectures.



Kurt Hollander

Instagram: @kurthollander

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Image: photo by Kurt Hollander

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