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Action through design

24 June 2022

18:00 -21:00

Come and join us as we share the approach we are taking to tackle the climate crisis.

Our CLEAN design philosophy has at its core ‘L’ for Lean. This means designing buildings and places that do the most for people, whilst using the least possible resources. We are aware that our built environment is responsible for damage to the planet, with an impact on biodiversity, health, and climate change alike. For this reason, our design approach from large to small projects is based on principles that ensure we minimise environmental impact and enhance people’s wellbeing.

We are acting now to create a better future for the generations to come.

As part of our event we will be running an Act Together sketching workshop and our architects will be on hand in our Graduate Zone offering help and advice on careers in architecture.

Join us in our London studio located on the 3rd Floor at Middlesex House, Cleveland Street, as we navigate a way to build in a more sustainable environment.



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Image: Shaw&Shaw / Urban Splash


Middlesex House

34-42 Cleveland Street



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