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A Walk in 3 Acts

28 June 2022


Focusing on how action and interventions of the past 50 years have impacted and created the cityscape of today's Covent Garden this theatrically-themed walk will, like a three Act play, introduce characters and plot twists, as we visit 3 key locations that have seen activity on and off stage.

1. Act for Community - The Piazza ( The Covent Garden plan : 1970's)
- where a Community Action Group formed to oppose the plans of developers and the Local Council.

2. Act to Save - The Saville Theatre ( work of The Theatres Trust, from 1976)
- how a Theatre, which wasn't a live performance venue, made headlines in 2021.

3. Act to Repurpose - Thomas Neals and The Donmar Warehouse ( industrial space, re-used 1970s & 1992)
- from brewery and bananas to Theatre and Food Court.

The tour will end with an introduction to the Theatre Green Book, currently being adopted to support sustainable productions, buildings and operations, across the performance sector.

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Alison Rae

Website: @alisonmkrae
Twitter: @Culturlandscape
Instagram: @Visit Theatres

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Around Covent Garden

Corner of Southampton Street and Tavistock Street


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